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Dan is a professional speaker who, for over a decade, has shared an inspirational message of leadership, perseverance, resilience and overcoming adversity with audiences around the globe. His work with professional and business communities enables his passion of sharing and teaching yoga to the world.

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I woke up feeling hopeful this morning. Yesterday was a challenge because like many of us, I was moving through ALL the emotions and landed on sadness for most of the day. It was stuck in me. It was as if all of the generations of inherited and internalized pain collected in every part of my body and gathered in a way that couldnt be moved. I am human.
Rumi says, “the wound is the place where the Light enters you” and I think it is safe to say that this country, my People have been deeply wounded by a system that has tried to break us for over 400 years. It is time for our collective light. ✨Light looks like cooperations that have benefited from the labor of Black people, acknoweldge the wound and make commitments to welcoming the light in. ✨Light looks like non Black people who have benefited from this land and the contributions of Black folk to step back, listen, and amplify the voices of Black people. ✨Light looks like folks from all races, countries, and backgrounds standing and marching together in the name of justice and freedom. ✨Light looks like breathing, sweating, and connecting in community together in the name of the Black Lives that have been impacted by systemic oppression. ✨Light looks like COMMUNITY. .
.. Please join @tune2tunde and I for a very special ride and meditation at @onepeloton
Speak Up ride with Tunde begins @ 6:00 pm EST
Breathe In, Speak Out meditation with me @ 6:40 pm EST
Looking forward to welcoming the light in with you all!✨✨✨✨

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Dan Nevins is a certified Baptiste Teacher and leader. He has brought his unique expression of the practice all over the U.S., from studio settings, to large events of 1,000+ students. Want to practice with Dan?



Dan’s personal story of overcoming incredible obstacles and rebuilding his life has taken him just about everywhere, from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies to conferences and festivals around the world. His story cuts across all experiences and is sure to resonate with any audience. Interested in having Dan talk to your group?

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Dan’s mission is simple: to get more veterans and wounded warriors onto a yoga mat. In order to do so, he’s putting his own money into the game and creating a non-profit, the Warrior Spirit Retreat (WSR). Want to support Dan?

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My whole platform is for you to invite a veteran to yoga, because it just might save their life.Dan Nevins

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