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Dan is a professional speaker who, for over a decade, has shared an inspirational message of leadership, perseverance, resilience and overcoming adversity with audiences around the globe. His work with professional and business communities enables his passion of sharing and teaching yoga to the world.

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17 years ago today, I almost didn’t get to see my loved ones again. Two of my daughters almost didn’t exist… and one amazing man, SFC Mike Ottolini gave the ultimate sacrifice in the same explosion that took my legs and more.

If I could make a wish for this “Alive Day” - I wish that everyone would turn off their televisions (at least the news), put down their devices and go outside and commune with nature, each other and the self. Seriously. Like a lot…

The world seems crazier than ever, even with this latent sense of fragile normalcy that is oozing through the cracks of tension that is pervasive around the globe . My deepest longing is for people to just love each other. To focus on how we are the same versus our perceived differences.

I’ve been doing a lot of deep reflection and self study, through recent surgeries, illnesses, a very recent hospitalization and especially today. What I keep coming back to, is the only person I desire to change is me… and that change is for me to be willing to make the choices that bring me in alignment with my purpose. I’m alive today by the grace of God and the man I want to become stands in His truth in all ways and loves all people even if they think differently than I do. Period.

That said, I I’m not sure why I’m including this last bit, because no one is trying to hurt my family - everything I said above is true… but if someone tries to hurt my family… I am still a warrior and am totally trained and capable of unleashing violence at an epic level. I guess I’m just acknowledging that I have dimension… and what I’m really hoping is that it never happens and that love wins, always.
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Dan Nevins is a certified Baptiste Teacher and leader. He has brought his unique expression of the practice all over the U.S., from studio settings, to large events of 1,000+ students. Want to practice with Dan?



Dan’s personal story of overcoming incredible obstacles and rebuilding his life has taken him just about everywhere, from the boardrooms of Fortune 500 companies to conferences and festivals around the world. His story cuts across all experiences and is sure to resonate with any audience. Interested in having Dan talk to your group?

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Dan’s mission is simple: to get more veterans and wounded warriors onto a yoga mat. In order to do so, he’s putting his own money into the game and creating a non-profit, the Warrior Spirit Retreat (WSR). Want to support Dan?

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My whole platform is for you to invite a veteran to yoga, because it just might save their life.Dan Nevins

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